Ruby Creator Y. Matsumoto

루비의 창시자인 Matsumoto가 컴퓨터 분야에서 일하기 원하는 사람에게 제안한 10가지 팁이 있다.

한 가지 이상의 언어를 배우고, 좋은 책을 많이 보고, 코드를 많이 읽으라는 조언은 당연해 보이지만 그만큼 꾸준히 실천하기 어려운 것도 없는 것 같다.

어쨌거나 좀 더 능동적으로 의문을 가지고 탐구하며, 또 즐겨야겠다.

  • Learn more than one programming languages, preferably many different style ones, like scripting, object-oriented, functional, logic, etc. Learning languages teaches you many about programming.

  • Read good books, for example, “Pragmatic Programmers”, “Refactoring”, and “Art of Computer Science”.

  • Read the source code. The source code is the source of information and knowledge. Thanks to the opensource.

  • Don’t focus too much on tools. Tools changes. Algorithms and basic fundamentals don’t.

  • Don’t focus too much on machines. Programmers often fall in the computer’s view point. But human make programs, programs serve human. Don’t forget that programming is a human oriented activity.

  • Be lazy. Machines should serve human being. Often programmers serve machines unconsciously. Let machines serve you. Do everything you can to make you lazy.

  • Test early, test often. Write test suites before you code, if possible.

  • Be nice to others. Consider interface first, man to man, man to machine, and machine to machine. Again, remember, human factor is important.

  • Be creative.

  • Enjoy programming and life. I believe that is one of the purposes of life.

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